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The Latest From ASNE

  • ASNE Fights to Protect Free Speech in Texas; How You Can Help

    • 3/14/2019

    On February 28, ASNE announced that we have joined the Protect Free Speech Coalition, a “coalition of organizations that understands and values the importance of the Texas Citizens Participation Act.” At the time, we were just preparing for the introduction of legislation which we feared would significantly impact the state's version of an Anti-SLAPP law.  That legislation has now been introduced in both the Texas House (as HB 2730) and Senate (as SB 2162). The time for action is here.  

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  • Sunshine Week 2019 Reporting Package

    • 3/11/2019

    In the aftermath of the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and similar deaths of unarmed black men, police departments around the country faced public pressure to begin using body cameras. They have been touted as a way to increase police transparency by allowing for a neutral view of whether an officer's actions were justified. The Associated Press tested that transparency for Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of open government, by filing open records requests related to roughly 20 recent use-of-force incidents in a dozen states.

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  • ASNE Joins the Protect Free Speech Coalition in Support of First Amendment Rights in Texas

    • 2/28/2019

    Free speech is under assault in Texas. Eight years after its enactment, the Texas Citizen Participation Act (the state's version of an Anti-SLAPP statute) is in danger of being neutered. While nothing has been introduced, we understand that Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee Chair Jeff Leach is planning a “reform measure” that may, among other things: 

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