Membership dues

The American Society of News Editors has a new membership structure (as of October 2016) designed to emphasize digital media and embrace newsroom leaders at all levels of news organizations. Membership tiers for editors, top news executives, news leaders and opinion journalists are based on monthly unique visitors (MUVs) of a member's website. 
Editor, news director and news executive
News organization > 10m+ monthly unique visitors (MUVs)   $395
News organization 1m-10m MUVs   $295
News organization 500k-1m MUVs   $195
News organization < 500k MUVs   $95
News leaders and opinion journalists *
News organization 10m+, 1m-10m, 500k-1m MUVs   $95
News organization < 500k MUVs   $75
Academic / Institutional - Individual
Dean, Director or Chair/President or Senior staff   $295
Professor/Other staff   $75
Academic / Institutional - Group **
Up to 10 members   $1,000
Retired/Friends of ASNE
Annual   $95
Lifetime   $1,500
Corporate - Group ***
Contact ASNE for details   Contact ASNE for details

* Department heads and others who do not occupy the top newsroom leadership position

** Group memberships for journalism schools and research/training institutes include up to 10 members, including the dean, director, endowed chairs, professors, presidents, senior staff and other staff. 

*** For more information about group memberships for news organizations, contact ASNE Senior Communications Assistant Deena Kahn at