Membership dues

The American Society of News Editors will be following the News Leaders Association's new membership structure (as of mid-July 2019). All dues are annual unless otherwise noted.
Professional $150
available to those who receive a majority of their income from or spend the majority of their work time involved in journalist work*
Emerging Leaders Professional $75
available to journalists with five or fewer years of experience in a leadership role.**
Lifetime $3,000
one-time payment, non-refundable; available to journalists with at least 10 years of professional experience who anticipate being full professional journalists for their careers and into retirement.
Executive Professional $500
includes Professional membership, convention registration and lunches
Newsroom Professional Membership Package $1,500
includes five Professional memberships plus two Executive Professional memberships with convention registrations and lunches; you must contact our office to purchase this membership package.
Corporate Professional *contact for details
Student $25
available to enrolled students who intend to pursue a career in journalism; also available to recent graduates who have yet to obtain their first job.
Retired $75
available to persons aged 62 and over who have previously worked full time or part time as a journalist.
Supporting *contact for details

*​including but not limited to professional and academic duties for newspapers, wire services, radio stations or networks, television stations or networks, cable outlets, digital-only news organizations, news start-ups, magazines, other bona-fide news organizations or educational institutions. Accepted journalistic work includes reporting, writing, editing, multimedia editing and producing (photo, video & audio), technical development, anchoring, producing, directing, research, design, teaching journalism and other functions that have direct impact on the gathering or presentation of the news. Professional membership is also available to journalists who are currently between jobs, including those who are freelancing. (Those who were already full members would continue in that status.) Professional membership is also available to executives involved in the hiring of journalists involved in the news gathering process.

**After five years as members, or once they have, in the sole opinion of the directors, obtained a top leadership position in their newsroom or organization, they must become full professional members if eligible to do so).

Current ASNE and APME members will be transitioned to their appropriate corresponding NLA membership tier. When their current membership expires, they will need to renew at their new NLA tier.

Group memberships will be contacted by our office during this transition to discuss how their memberships will be adjusted to these new tiers.

For more information, contact Senior Communications Assistant Deena Kahn at